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  Mississauga Marathon

  Gardening Injuries

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Mississauga Marathon

Only one more week to go!


Gardening Injuries

That time of year to be outside, stay safe!

Featured Therapist

Get to know our Athletic Therapist!





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Welcome to our 2015 Spring newsletter!

12th Annual Mississauga Marathon

Club Physio Plus is again teaming up with The Mississauga Marathon for the 12th annual race on the May 2-3rd weekend. We have been the official sports medicine clinic of the race since the beginning and are proud to have Russell Gunner as the medcial director again. 
We would like to remind you of your limitations. Run according to your training and do not push yourself unreasonably. It's a long time getting here and not worth an injury that can put you out of commission for the summer.
**Online Registration closes April 29th.

How to avoid gardening injuries

It's Spring time again and that can be symbolic for starting new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas. This is also a time to contemplate health and physical well-being too. A contributing factor this season is gardening. While it can help with conditions including dementia, stress and depression, gardening can also help people to control their weight and lower their high blood pressure. 
However, it is important to warm up before tackling your garden. Doing a simple stretch to limber up goes a long way.
For more information on preventing gardening injuries, please see this article on our website




Athletic Therapist/Kinesiologist

Melissa Matto

Melissa is one of our three Athletic Therapists practicing at Club Physio Plus. She is trained in the administration of Low Level Laser Therapy for wound and tissue healing and Ionic Detoxification. She has also taken the Stuart McGill course on functional back training and Soft Tissue.


As a result of her experience and interests, she has a good understanding of the requirements of sport, repetitive strain in the workplace, and both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.


To learn more about Melissa and her hours of availability, please visit our website.

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