Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy (A.T.) is a profession that provides a variety of services that assist active people who have sustained or could sustain an injury.

Athletic Therapy Focuses on:


A.T.’s employ many strategies to help active people to avoid or minimize the possibility of injury.


Post injury, athletic therapy focuses on preparing active individuals to reestablish their pre-injury lifestyle, through physical reconditioning, hands-on therapy and other rehabilitative techniques.

Canadian Athletic Therapists Association
Athletic therapists earn university or college degrees and must pass a national examination before being allowed to practice. They are certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association under a regulated Provincial Act.

Who can benefit from Athletic Therapy?

  • Active & aggressive rehab of orthopaedic injuries
  • Late stage conditioning
  • Return to function programs
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Injury prevention
  • Postural correction
  • Musculo-skeletal injuries
  • Soft tissue release and many more…

Club Physio Physio Athletic Therapist

Who Pays for Athletic Therapy?

Some private insurance companies recognize the benefits of athletic therapy and provide full or partial coverage under extended health care plans.