Clinical Somatics

Individuals of any age with complaints of pain, stiffness or tightness may benefit from a Clinical Somatics session. Somatics most effectively treats chronic musculoskeletal contraction that results from stress, trauma, and repetitive movement.

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What is Clinical Somatics?

Clinical Somatics (also called Clinical Somatic Education) is a safe, gentle, and holistic approach to eliminate chronic muscle pain for the long term. It is unique in that it relies upon client participation to provide sensory feedback, not just to muscles and nerves, but to the brain. The objective of Somatics is to help build awareness of unconscious habitual movement patterns, and learn a simple but effective method for conquering dysfunctional movement habits with sensory-motor awareness. During a session, muscle and joint movements are broken down into their component parts and rebuilt into healthier movement patterns. Clients are taught safe, gentle movements that help lengthen and relax chronically tight muscles. Since the body is inherently a self-regulating system, Somatics allows people to reconnect to the wisdom of their own bodies.

The problems that you’ve always thought of as the symptoms of age — stiffness, bad back, chronic pain, fatigue — need never occur if you maintain conscious control of your nerves and muscles.

Somatics workshop February 26th, 2022

It’s back! After three successful runs of this workshop, we’re offering it once again.

The workshop focuses on the areas in the body where SMA occurs. We train you in sensing and controlling the muscles in the middle of your body, at its centre of gravity (back muscles, abdominal muscles and obliques). Your CORE. The core, or centre, directly impacts the periphery of your body: namely your hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms and neck. These work more efficiently and feel looser when the middle of the body has been freed up first. Also learn to improve walking and free the rib cage for better breathing.

This workshop helps reduce the effects of accumulated stiffness usually associated with getting older.

Our bodies respond to everyday life in a predictable way. As you know, life is not always easy and involves some stress. We are equipped to handle this, BUT if we become unaware of how our bodies respond to daily stresses, this can accumulate.

Try this quick quiz to see how your body has responded to stress over your lifetime:

  • feel your shoulder muscles – are they tight?
  • when you bend over to pick something up, does your lower back resist that movement (does it feel stiff)?
  • when you reach for something in a cupboard, do you feel resistance in your shoulder?
  • when you turn your head left and right, does it feel somewhat limited?
  • do you feel tight and stiff in your hips? Do you have trouble sitting cross-legged?
  • is there something you’ve “always” had? Like rounded shoulders, feet that point out, or a swayback?

If you answered yes to any of these, this means you’ve accumulated some muscle-holding patterns that came about through these daily stressors.

If you’re not aware of how that happened, it’s because the body’s reflexes are automatic and unconscious. Plus, these accumulate over time and your body adapts and gets used to them. AND if you’ve had an injury then this can exacerbate everything.

Come join us for THE MYTH OF AGING WORKSHOP on Sunday, February 26th!

This workshop will give you the essentials to build self-awareness. To transform your body into its more youthful and functional version. Learn more here.

What you’ll get:

  • Learn to identify the root cause of your pain
  • Learn how to recognize your dominant pattern that is holding you back
  • Learn the 3 stress responses that trigger your body to develop these patterns in the first place
  • Learn a simple technique to release tight muscles that’s built right in to your nervous system
  • Learn to target tight areas in the back, front and sides of the body
  • Learn a short daily movement routine (“Cat Stretch”) to reinforce the benefits and results from this workshop
  • BONUS: reduce stress, have more energy, be more in tune with your body!

Here’s what past participants are saying:

“I definitely recommend attending this workshop – it opened up my eyes to go slow and pay attention to my body.”

“Very educational – a great way to get to the root cause of muscular tightness.”

“Highly recommended – wonderful teaching!”
“Try it – it’s enlightening!”

And after practicing the exercises for 30 days, one participant reported:

“I played golf four days in a row and could walk after! The neck has much more range and doesn’t feel like it will go into spasm when moved in certain ways as it did before.”


When: Sunday, February 26th, 2022

Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm

Cost: $190

Location: Oakville clinic

Led by: Lenore Foster

Early bird savings: only $175 if you register by February 18th!

To reserve your spot call us at 905-822-1823 or 905-337-2122

Who can benefit from Clinical Somatic Education?

Individuals of any age with complaints of pain, stiffness or tightness may benefit from a Clinical Somatics session. Somatics most effectively treats chronic musculoskeletal contraction that results from stress, trauma, and repetitive movement. These conditions include:

  • back pain
  • repetitive stress disorders
  • TMJ
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • scoliosis
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • chronic headaches
  • sciatica
  • knee, hip and shoulder pain
  • myofascial pain syndromes

Club Physio Plus Somatics Practitioner

Who pays for Clinical Somatics?

Some private insurance companies may have a health spending account that this may fall under.