Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic assessments evaluate the individual worker and the workstation in order to help identify any risk factors that may result in pain or injury.  These symptoms will reduce productivity and create chronic pain injuries.

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Our team of therapists strive to improve your overall wellness while at the work place or while working at home. Our services are geared to individuals who spend hours a day working at a desk or in front of a computer.

At the end of the assessment we will provide answers to the following:
1:  Suggestions for any furniture and equipment change or set up
2:  Prescription of optimal work posture and use of good work habits
3:  Task organization and work/rest pacing
4:  Suggestions for tension relieving exercises at the work place and best options for outside the workplace

These services can be done in person or remotely by telerehabilitation.

A detailed report letter will be sent to an employer for a small additional cost.

Club Physio Plus Ergonomic Team

Who Pays for an Ergonomic Assessment?

Some private insurance companies recognize the benefits of physiotherapy, chiropractic or athletic therapy and provide full or partial coverage under extended health care plans. With pre-approval, many companies will pay for this service for their employees.