Sandra Wilkinson Club Physio Plus

Sandra Wilkinson – B.Sc., P.T., DO(MP)

Physiotherapist, Osteopathy
About Sandra

Sandra graduated from the University of Toronto in 1986 and established Club Physio Plus in 1994. She has completed the 5 year diploma from the Canadian College of Osteopathy, and presented her thesis in October 2000. She had spent the last 7 years between Pittsburgh and Belgium, but thankfully returned full time back to Mississauga in 2009.

Other Courses Taken
  • Functional stabilization and Training for Low Back Patients
  • The Shoulder Muscle Puzzle
  • Myofascial Stretching – Advanced stretching techniques
  • ELDOA – spinal stretching
  • Myofascial Release Lower Extremity
Sandra’s Hours

*Hours are subject to change without notice.

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